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Dissonant Media - The Home For Alternative Music

Dissonant Media is a British media group aimed at promoting interesting rock and metal bands both in the UK and abroad. We aim to spread new music that we think deserves recognition and also help bands in other ways, such as networking them with photographers, artists and designers who can provide their services. While we are small at the moment, we plan to grow and expand our services to better help musicians and artists alike.

If you are a band and need to get some promotional work done, or are an artist who can offer your services to us, please send all business enquiries to our email address :

We try to credit photographers whenever we post photos on this blog, however we cannot always find the author of the images we post. If you find your work posted on here, uncredited and without your permission, please do let us know and we'll either credit you or take the image down.
Apr 22 '12
Scale The Summit
Image by Steven Gilmore

Scale The Summit

Image by Steven Gilmore

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    Paul remember when we saw him in the parking lot and we couldn’t figure out if he was in the band or not?
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