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Dissonant Media is a British media group aimed at promoting interesting rock and metal bands both in the UK and abroad. We aim to spread new music that we think deserves recognition and also help bands in other ways, such as networking them with photographers, artists and designers who can provide their services. While we are small at the moment, we plan to grow and expand our services to better help musicians and artists alike.

If you are a band and need to get some promotional work done, or are an artist who can offer your services to us, please send all business enquiries to our email address :

We try to credit photographers whenever we post photos on this blog, however we cannot always find the author of the images we post. If you find your work posted on here, uncredited and without your permission, please do let us know and we'll either credit you or take the image down.
May 12 '13

Tesseract have released a stream of the whole of their upcoming seond album, ‘Altered State’. Check it out now! - Ross

Mar 11 '13

NEW AND UPCOMING: Talanas ‘Corpseflower’ 7” vinyl review by Ross Wildish


GENRE: Progressive Death Metal


FOR FANS OF: Opeth, Akercocke, My Dying Bride

The sharply-dressed London prog-death outfit, Talanas, have released another tantalising morsel of music in the form of the ‘Corpseflower’ 7” vinyl. Featuring two tracks, the short and sweet release is a great demonstration of exactly what this band is about.

It begins with the title track, and what may be the most blisteringly intense piece of music the band has produced thus far. Immediately launching into a chaotic blast-beat coupled with some brutal riffing, the introduction is merciless. However, this soon subsides to make way for a more mellow section with Hal Sinden’s characteristic chanting before returning back to the insanity. Ewan Parry performs what might be his best solo yet, and really adds colour to the track, as a good solo should.

‘Beloved Whore’, however, is the complete opposite in terms of overall tone. Much more relaxed and again showcasing Sinden’s Gregorian chant-like cleans, the track is essentially post-metal, echoing the likes of Isis and Neurosis while still being served with a healthy dollop of Talanas’ own unique style.   

This release is a great gateway into a band that has a lot to offer. It demonstrates both their heavy and more laid back sides in the most honest, to-the-point fashion. If listening to this doesn’t make you want to buy everything the band has ever released, I cannot help you. Turn off the computer, and walk away.

- Ross

'Corpseflower' is available now via Eulogy Media.

Mar 5 '13

Randy Blythe was found not guilty of manslaughter today. Congratulations to him and his family, what a relief! - Ross

Feb 27 '13

Evan Brewer album update! - Ross

Feb 27 '13
Feb 4 '13

New Meshuggah track ‘Pitch Black’ from their EP of the same name. Available free via Scion A/V here:—-Pitch-Black

- Ross

Jan 31 '13

Upcoming dates of Royal Thunder with Ancient VVisdom.Feb 23 New Haven, CT Cafe Nine Feb 25 Burlington, VT NectarsFeb 26 Providence, RI Firehouse 13Feb 27 Harrisburg, PA Fed LiveMar 01 Columbus, OH Kobo LIVEMar 02 Cleveland, OH Now That’s ClassMar 03 Cincinatti, OH Southgate House RevivalMar 04 Grand Rapids, MI The Pyramid SchemeMar 06 Madison, WI FrequencyMar 08 Dekalb, IL House Cafe


Upcoming dates of Royal Thunder with Ancient VVisdom.

Feb 23 New Haven, CT Cafe Nine 
Feb 25 Burlington, VT Nectars
Feb 26 Providence, RI Firehouse 13
Feb 27 Harrisburg, PA Fed Live
Mar 01 Columbus, OH Kobo LIVE
Mar 02 Cleveland, OH Now That’s Class
Mar 03 Cincinatti, OH Southgate House Revival
Mar 04 Grand Rapids, MI The Pyramid Scheme
Mar 06 Madison, WI Frequency
Mar 08 Dekalb, IL House Cafe

Jan 31 '13

Johannes Persson, Erik Olòfsson and Fredrik Kihlberg @ Cult of Luna


Johannes Persson, Erik Olòfsson and Fredrik Kihlberg @ Cult of Luna

Jan 31 '13
Jan 27 '13

BAND: In Loving Memory

TRACK: Even A God Can Die

ALBUM: Negation of Life (2011)

GENRE: Doom/melodic death metal